Saturday, May 17, 2008

I figured out how to post again! Yeah.

I had lots of fun with Mom and Dad and Deja in Miss, Alabama and Nola. Kids stayed with Julianne for a couple of days and then Scott for the last 4. They went to Sea World and fishing. It was amazing to me that while we were on a dolphin cruise, Scott sent a picture message of the boys at Sea World and I sent one back of us (me, mom, Dad and Deja) on the cruise. Technology is amazing! My boys are amazing.
Nate is having a sleep over right now with 2 friends and keeps looking for a way to sneak off and read the 4th Rick Riordan olympians book that just came out. He is obsessed. (Yeah!). I read the first one and it was quite good. After reading the Harry Potter novels with him, racing him if you will, I wanted to read these ones he currently loves. I think boys can be harder to connect with. This is a fun way to accomplish this. Deja and I loved the cemetary in New Orleans!