Monday, December 14, 2009

Brinlee turns 6 mos

OK well now she is 7 but cute as a button just the same! We love the big flowers now (everyone but her)

Funny Noah

You know your too fat when your 7 year old (almost) continually makes comments about your weight. Tonight's comment "at least you have big muscles mom". I hate my arms. Here is the darling picture of our family but awful of me to prove I have big muscles right now!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

New Tooth

This has had a painful journey, this little itty bitty darling tooth! She is 5 months old now. Brinlee is starting to go up on all fours and either pull herself to standing (if something is close enough and high enough) or launch forward on her face. It is like watching an acrobat. A tumbling princess. She is definitely mobile and can get what she is after. She is amazing!!!! She is wonderful!!! Now if she would just sleep. She is way too busy to sleep. She is always so excited, I think it is all of the entertainment here with these 3 brothers. Noah and Seth ran the jog a thon. Seth ran the whole time. He has been working hard during P.E. to improve his time on the mile. He started at 9 something and has worked his way down to I think 7:20.
All 3 boys have enjoyed being on our community swim team and are doing a mini-triathlon on Halloween.

Monday, September 7, 2009

My 2 front teeth, Brin 4 mos

Noah has been working on this baby for weeks and he finally got it out. Funny thing,
I think the tooth fairy was so tired/half asleep because he put the money inside Noah's pillowcase. Now Noah is missing his two front teeth. Cutie!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

First day of school!

Middle school for Nate- yikes! All day for all three. :(

3 months ( a month late)

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Pictures by Dana- Utah Summer 2009

Noah Graduation

Boys graduation, utah, cousins, 4th of July

Noah and Nate had Graduation. Nate from elementary school and Noah from kindergarten. We had lot's of fun in Utah with cousins. Here are some from Liberty Park. We spent the 4th of July in Utah and saw fireworks in Centerville, some at Aunt Kira's and Uncle Lee's. Here is Brinlee with her cousin Savannah.

Working Backwards

Sorry my posts aren't in order. Just playing catch up! Brinlee was blessed on June 13th. Almost all of my extended family was there and some close friends too. It was so special. She wore the dress that I made in college. Grandpa held her while I got ready. Here is my Mom holding Savannah and Brinlee. Nanny Esther is 80 years old! Here she is with her Great Grandaughter Brinlee. Here is a cute giggling picture of Brinlee.

Happy Birthday Sethy #9

First Swim-She loved it!

Brinlee's new trick- Darn her!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

She really does smile at us!

She has smiled at us from the beginning. What a little cutie eh? Don't mind how grumpy I am with Noah. He loves to go crazy with the camera. In this case I am very thankful!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Our Hike

We hiked a little trail on the Santa Rosa Plateau up the street from our house on Memorial Day. It was perfect weather and Brinlee slept quietly away in the snuggli the whole time. It was great. Noah packed himself a lunch, we all ate ours in the car or at home but he wanted to wait until we were actually on the hike to eat, it was cute, maybe he is still a kid (he doesn't think so). He is reading now by the way. It is like magic. He read a page long poem tonight that he got from school. It was incredible. I love that click when they just "get it". At the end of this trail is a little vernal pool with snakes, turtles and fish. We saw many snakes and some little fishies and tadpoles but no turtles. It was pretty fun!

Happiest Baby on the block picture

so you can buy this for yourself or a friend!!!!

3 weeks old Brinlee

Here she is, her un-puffy newborn self. I didn't realize how puffy she was. She looks more baby newborn-ish cute now. I love her! I need to mention that "the happiest baby on the block dvd is a lifesaver" Please get it if you have a baby or give it to a friend if they do. Miracle!!!!