Sunday, April 26, 2009


This is so Noah. That is all!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Pinewood Derby

Nate and Seth worked so very hard on Seth's pinewood derby car. (Nate is too old now to participate). It was so special to see them work so hard together and I think the car turned out so fabulous. He won 3rd place out of 15 boys and got a nice trophy. He was so proud. Noah brought Nate's old car and won the sibling race with it.

Today we all sat outside in the sun, the boys painting and Scott studying with me helping him. Seth painted a birdhouse that he made at Lowe's for one of his scout requirements. It turned out so darling. Scott wanted some shade so he tried to open the patio umbrella and a nest fell down with some brand new little tiny birdies. We had a time putting the nest back up in there and placing the birds back in the nest. Here is a darling shot of one of the birds that Nate took with my camera. Hopefully the mama bird forgives us our folly.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

One more post

I love making things for this baby girl. There are so many fun things to make for little girls! Here are pictures of my hooter hiders I made (nursing covers), a wipes case, and a darling tutu ensemble that Julianne made for her. So so fun!!!

Easter fun

Easter was a fun day. OK OK OK I will post a horrid picture of me pregnant. The puffy princess! Our Easter picture last year was lost with my camera at Sea World so I am glad we got one this year and it is a last family picture before our new addition! It was a beautiful day outside. Scott and Mike decided to wrestle for Scott (they will be learning wrestling techniques in the academy and Mike is really into wrestling). It was hilarious. Scott is really strong, he's been working out like mad. Mike is really good at wrestling techniques. Can you guess how it turned out? Scott outweighs Mike by 50 lbs but... Woo hoo hot body Scotty!!!

The Last Vacation (for awhile)

We took a quick little trip to SD for a last family vacation for awhile as Scott is going in to the academy and baby girl is coming too. We stayed at the Mission Bay Hilton, right on the bay, I have always wanted to stay there. Hotwire!!!!! They upgraded us to a bayview/poolside room. It was loads of fun. Scott brought the kayak and the bikes as we were steps from the bay and the sidewalk along the bay. The pool was great and we ate some yummy food. We went to the Cabrillo monument and the tidepools. We had a blast.