Saturday, August 9, 2008

Deja and Sams wedding in Utah

We were so happy to be able to go to Utah to see Deja and Sam get married. We got to see Garret and Girlie's twins for the first time. They are so cute. We got to see Maggie again. We love her too! I wish I could steal them all. The boys and I got to see the "Hills" some of our bestest friends in the world! We were so grateful to spend so much time with family and see Deja and Sam marry.

Seth is Baptized

Seth is Baptized! We were able to do it on his birthday, July 13, 2008 when more family could be there. Amara and Jeff and family were here, Grandma and Grandpa Earley with Deja and lot's more local friends and family. He was so happy to be baptized. He told me he did feel the spirit and he had felt it before so he knew what it was. We had a birthday party afterwards for him at our house. Yeah for Seth!

Beach Camping Leo Carillo State Park July 2008

We went beach camping in the middle of July at Leo Carillo State Park. We had a blast! We had a fire every night, ate yummy food, played on the beach and had lot's of fun family time. We were able to see dolphins, starfish, hermit crabs, fishies and a baby seal that hopped up on the shore. Scott tried to fish (seaweed stopped him every time!). The boys had hermit crab races. The sun was a little shy the whole week but it was warm enough! Amara and Jeff and kids came for the last 2 nights. It was a great week! The first (maybe second) camping trip I have ever enjoyed as a mom.