Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Our Hike

We hiked a little trail on the Santa Rosa Plateau up the street from our house on Memorial Day. It was perfect weather and Brinlee slept quietly away in the snuggli the whole time. It was great. Noah packed himself a lunch, we all ate ours in the car or at home but he wanted to wait until we were actually on the hike to eat, it was cute, maybe he is still a kid (he doesn't think so). He is reading now by the way. It is like magic. He read a page long poem tonight that he got from school. It was incredible. I love that click when they just "get it". At the end of this trail is a little vernal pool with snakes, turtles and fish. We saw many snakes and some little fishies and tadpoles but no turtles. It was pretty fun!

Happiest Baby on the block picture

so you can buy this for yourself or a friend!!!!

3 weeks old Brinlee

Here she is, her un-puffy newborn self. I didn't realize how puffy she was. She looks more baby newborn-ish cute now. I love her! I need to mention that "the happiest baby on the block dvd is a lifesaver" Please get it if you have a baby or give it to a friend if they do. Miracle!!!!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Baby Brinlee

Yeah. Brinlee finally came. May 4, 2009. Started contracting Monday morning at 6:30. Didn't believe it so I went back to sleep. Finally I called Kira and Julianne until they started (contractions) getting closer. They started at 8 min apart but I was hesitating. I jumped up to get ready and get dressed and then they were 5 min apart. I hurried the boys in to the car and drove down to escondido, palomar hospital because calling someone to drive me would waste time. On the way down they were 3 min apart. Yikes! but I was NOT going to deliver anywhere else (including the highway). Checked myself in and waited with the boys for Scott and his parents to arrive. They didn't take very long. 2.5 hours later came Brinlee May. Finally! Here are a few first pics. Will post more later when I have the energy to dress her up and put bows in her hair! :)