Sunday, March 29, 2009

Poison Oak!

Don't know how to edit but forgot to say that Seth made contact with Poison Oak! Yuck! That is the cause of all of this mad itching and horrible rash all over! and I mean ALL over!

OK OK I'll Blog

I didn't think anyone cared if I blogged but my Dad does. So I will catch up on 3 months. We haven't done much, not many pictures. Just anticipation of the baby coming and Scott starting the SD Police Academy. Here are a few things we have done....and I will post pictures about them.

Noah played flag football. He loved it. He was really cute.

Scott had a birthday, #35 and we had a family party at our house. I made the best ice cream cake, recipe from Cindy (Stacey and Heidi's Mom).

We had a fun day at Mulligans outdoor fun park in January. We got some passes for Christmas so spent a sunny day there riding go karts, bumper boats, arcade, laser tag. I of course watched from the sidelines. The last thing the boys went on was the teacups, big mistake! The big boys were laughing going faster and faster, Noah had a terrified (sickly) look on his face and Scott and I started screaming "stop, stop, Nathen stop" Nathen didn't hear or something and Noah barfed all over. It was awful. He also barfed in the car on the way home. I knew I hated those teacups!

Julianne and I made the crib set for the baby. I made coordinating basket boxes and curtains and made the quilt all by myself. I think they turned out darling! I just love going in the baby room like 10 x a day. It is my favorite room in the house!

Seth spent about 5 different days with a friend named Dawson, behind Dawsons house in a ravine, wild area hunting for frogs and catching tadpoles. It was all fun and games until Seth broke out with a horrible rash. The first couple of days I thought he was eaten alive by mosquitos. Then it spread and puffed out and massed together and so now it is all over his body and itching like mad. We have been to the doctor and been given different prescriptions but I will be the first to say, they don't really do much. It is the most evil plant ever!!!!!!!!!!

And... I also made some fabulous bows last night. Now I just have to get some alligator clips to attach to them so I can put them on headbands. The flowers will be made next (not huge ones, ok Julianne? gosh!)

Saturday, March 28, 2009